supergroup is a creative a-team that comes together whenever they are called upon. each member has chart-topping experience in their own right — and the supergroup line-up can be remixed to match appropriate talents to new ideas and spaces



Great Wall of China Supergroup

Great Wall of China

Jake, Groupie, Luke and Zed Support Band

Jake, Groupie, Luke and Zed Support Band

Ladies starting the big clean up obey the Chinese health and safety rules

Ladies starting the big clean up obey the Chinese health and safety rules

For Those About To Rock We Salute You!

Rock On! Lily, Morag & Phoebe


Wayne, Gerardine & Luke with a pint! Rock-on!

Lemmy performing

The Scarlet Pimpernel!

Y oh Y!

All smiles!

Wow this was a big place to speak!

A sunny day this year! 2012

Stadium concert outfit! 2012

Studio 2012

Lucky Lucky Lucky, 2012

Point, 2013

OTIS, Los Angeles, artist team 2013

team Morag & Luke, OTIS, LA, 2013

Vinyl Lounge, Vinyl Factory, 2012

Movement Cafe, Greenwich, 2012

eye eye, 2013

The Pavilion, Birmingham, 2013

On a giant coral far away 2013

Map fabrication & installation team 2013

Cloudgate, Chicago 2013

Lemmy studio, 2014

Temple of Agape, Southbank 2014

Swing it! Wakefield 2014
Photo Bob Collier

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Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Page 1: Great Expectations —  Charles Dickens, Design Museum, GraphicDesign+


Friday, May 11th, 2012

The proof of my Page 1 for the book — Page 1: Great Expectations curated by GraphicDesign& — Seventy Graphic Solutions — book available now.

For my Page1 — I wanted to conduct an experiment to see how the reader/listener would understand the text if the words were arranged in columns, in which multiple words were grouped together and where all punctuation was removed. The words are listed in the order they appear, with multiples shown under the word’s first appearance. There are 278 words in this piece of text and 166 are unique. The font used is Typewriter Condensed.

Then I read the original and my version out loud. The former obviously flows as intended, while in comparison my staccato version encourages the reader to experiment with emphasis, allowing different interpretations of the piece.


Saturday, April 28th, 2012

I was out strolling down Redchurch street, with Martyn and hanging in a shop window were lots of fluorescent shoes I was immediately drawn in. Next week is the Louboutin exhibition opening at the Design Museum and I was wondering what shoes to wear and then suddenly there they were in front of me shining bright designed by Tracey Neuls and individually handmade. I could not resist and a perfect fit and wonderfully comfortable, it had to be a purchase! Thanks to Yemi who was incredibly helpful and wonderful clever packaging. Then I had to go and buy an outfit to match the shoes! A very satisfying Saturday!


Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

For the last five months we have devoted our studio to working on the New Design Museum Permanent exhibition. We have a great team, me and Luke, Richard Greenwood, Jake Moulson, Zoe Papadopoulou, Robbie Belmore and growing.


Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

We got to the Design Museum ‘Font night’ in good time, it was absolutely buzzing Bruno Maag was holding type workshops in the cafe area, everybody was eagerly cutting, pasting, drawing type and having a few drinks. As usual I was super nervous worried about boring people on their Friday social evening, also I was first on which filled me with fear. I had a 20min slot and had obviously prepared a font specific talk. 7.30 and I started it seemed to go quite fast and so hopefully it did for the audience. I did like preparing for this talk as it made me think about why and how I choose and use certain fonts. When I finished, I immediately thought of the things I didn’t say but hopefully I enthused people about how AMAZING, EXPRESSIVE and BEAUTIFUL letter forms are.

Next overtime is the Summer Party, Friday 1 July, 6-10pm, they are always great evenings packed with loads of things to do and see and really worth booking some tickets for. Luke and I are going to be doing something.



Monday, March 28th, 2011

I have been asked to contribute to the April Font Night on April Fool’s day at the Design Museum so I better be careful! Looks like it is going to be a fun night!
Instead of soaking up the sun I spent the weekend making my flyer, Tony Brook and Bruno Maag have also done one, plus more by other contributors on the way.



Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Our model in all it’s Glory! We had a great evening at the Design Museum, Brit Insurance Design Awards last night. An huge collection of fascinating diverse things, really worth paying a visit. (more…)


Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Yesterday the Design Museum announced the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year Nominations, and LCC ‘POWER OF TEN’ Summer Shows 2010 was one of them, so exciting and I am so pleased that all the work I have been doing with LCC (London College Of Communication) has been noticed and I am so happy for LCC. The project will be in the exhibition at the Design Museum from 16th February to 07th August 2011, my challenge now is to make sure the whole placemaking and sustainability side of the project gets across in the exhibit. We are now working on the 2011 shows and so exciting things to come with LCC.

Just seen a bit in the Guardian very exciting.