Has performed for:

Design for London,
The Design Council,
CABE, Cathedral Group,
The Spanish and Polish governments and Aram Store


The Tudor pictures at the National Portrait Gallery
My bike
Eating outside



Greatest hits:

The Deptford Project
Spanish Design
CABE’s Parkforce campaign
The Old Truman Brewery
Chairing the trustees of The Forgiveness Project

Regular gig:

Origin Communications

Previous gigs:

Head of Media Relations,
The Body Shop USA
Communications Manager,
The Body Shop UK

Forthcoming appearances:

Somewhere in the Pennines

Rock’n’roll behaviour:

Falling off my bike outside the Bank of England at 1am on Saturday morning - not even an audience...

The Deptford Project, Cathedral Group

The Deptford Project, Cathedral Group

Parkforce campaign, CABE

Parkforce campaign, CABE

Grey To Green mapping project, CABE

The Mayor’s Great Spaces initiative, Design for London

DOTT stakeholder engagement programme for The Design Council

Aram Store and Gallery, London

Jaime Hayon’s Stage at The Aram Gallery

Recovery Lounge concept for Priestmangoode’s Health Manifesto

The first designersblock at The Old Truman Brewery